Innovations in the science of nanotechnology

Our products meets the highest world standards, ISO9001/IEC 17025

Copper Mining

The guidelines of the International Cooper Organization (ICE) to reduce the carbon footprint as close as possible to net zero level by 2050 for copper mining, Meteor Minerals Group will implement everything in its technology and construction, followong the guidelines in order to respect the ecology.

Copper Production

Following the high standards of copper production technology, Meteor Minerals group produces copper in all forms, but mostly to use it for the production of nano copper powder of high purity.


In cooperation with one of the world’s best laboratories, an accredited MVA scientific consultants with ISO/IEC 17025 standard, and world-renowned scientists in the field of nano technology, we produce one of the best nano copper powders of high purity.

Nano Copper Powder

Our nano copper powder has a maximum size of 100 Nm. The purity is 99.9982% and 99.9983% with primary use in the aerospace industry (Cu-W Bimetal composite production) and medicine (production of radioisotope Zn-62, and isotope Cu-64 for cancer diagnosis and treatment).

Cuprum Coin

In May 2023, Meteor Minerals became a strategic partner of the Cuprum Coin company, which launched the commodity cryptocurrency CUC on the market, and which now exclusively uses our nano copper powder as an underlying asset.

Nano Gold & Silver

Our team of scientists is working on the development of nano particles of gold and silver, which will be used more and more in the technologies of the future.
More on that soon.

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